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oVirt Installation Guide

Recently I used oVirt to build a virtualization platform on an IBM BladeCenter. I present to you, the documentation for that project. oVirt Installation, from start to finish. 1. Install CentOS (6.4) Boot off your installation media, and run through

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Mutt, an MUA that “sucks less”

Mutt is a simple text based email client that keeps it simple while still providing all the features of a full modern mail user agent. Mutt fits nicely into a minimal environment, like the one my tutorials have been building

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Volume Control With Xbindkeys

The large majority of Laptops and modern keyboards come with volume controls, so lets put them to use. If you have been following my Arch Linux/DWM guides you should have alsa setup and functioning, but without a convenient way to

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Privoxy + Tor

Privoxy is a great tool for cutting down on the amount of advertisements you see while browsing online as well as keeping your browser data in check Privoxy is known to enhance privacy, especially when combined with Tor. The usage

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Arch Linux Installation – Part 2

In the previous article I showed you how to install Arch Linux, but wouldn’t it be nice to give that install some functionality? In part 2 we configure a working desktop with some basic software. Namely dwm as our window

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Arch Linux Installation – Part 1

Arch Linux has been a favorite distro of mine for quite some time. This tutorial will show you how to get a lightweight system up and running in almost no time. Configuration is based on the Arch Linux Beginners’ Guide

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