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Old Ubuntu Mock-up

I was browsing around some old posts on the Ubuntu forums and came across a UI design I made for a universal chat HUD. Thought it was a pretty cool idea circa 2009 when I was playing a lot of

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LAMP Test, a Success!

Spent a couple of hours today testing out several virtual LAMP servers. They have been running stable on oVirt for about a week now so I figured I’d give them something to do. WordPress is simple enough to install, so

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oVirt Installation Guide

Recently I used oVirt to build a virtualization platform on an IBM BladeCenter. I present to you, the documentation for that project. oVirt Installation, from start to finish. 1. Install CentOS (6.4) Boot off your installation media, and run through

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oVirt meets IBM BladeCenter

It has been a while since I have posted anything new on R11Networks, so lets play a quick game of catch-up.  Recently, I was brought on as an administrator at SCCC, and right as I arrived, a boat load of

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Side-Jacking with Hamster+Ferret

I’m going to show you how to use Hamster and Ferret to side-jack a Facebook account (I use my own) by capturing traffic and replaying it. These tools are simple but very powerful, and to prove just how insecure web browsing can

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Mutt, an MUA that “sucks less”

Mutt is a simple text based email client that keeps it simple while still providing all the features of a full modern mail user agent. Mutt fits nicely into a minimal environment, like the one my tutorials have been building

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Volume Control With Xbindkeys

The large majority of Laptops and modern keyboards come with volume controls, so lets put them to use. If you have been following my Arch Linux/DWM guides you should have alsa setup and functioning, but without a convenient way to

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Basic Cisco Router Config

Some folks from class expressed interest in a straight-forward reference for configuring  Cisco routers, so here it is. I recommend looking the commands up if you aren’t sure what they do. Blindly entering them is no way to learn, but

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Circumventing Windows RT

A hacker named “clrokr” discusses a vulnerability that allow users to run unsigned code on Windows RT, going on to claim that “Windows RT is not in any way reduced in functionality. It’s a clean port, and a good one.” Basically, MS

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Named Data Networks

Over the last couple of  years, usage of the Internet has changed significantly. Social media has revolutionized the way we interact with each other, and demand for data is at an all time high. These changes have presented new challenges

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