A Short Biography


The past…

In 2003 I was enrolled at Lake Washington Technical College (later renamed Lake Washington Institute of Technology) taking a plethora of different classes, uncertain of where I wanted to dedicate my attention. Topics of interest ranged from classes in film and cinematography to graphic design and eventually 3D modeling paired with game design. The latter being my main interest at LWTC. I specialized in 3D modeling and fell in love with Photoshop for its god-like ability to make incredible textures, so I spent about a year and a half cranking away on projects with my classmates. Hoping to make the next great game (or at least get picked up by Nintendo), but somewhere between all the video games I discovered something fantastic Windows shell replacements.

These shell replacements were a way for me to customize my Windows desktop like I had never experienced. This was my gateway into the world of customization and an alternative to the Microsoft way of using my desktop. It really got my brain thinking about operating systems, and it turned out that clicking “Start” wasn’t the only way to launch your favorite software.

Later on during a conversation with a friend of mine, the topic of Linux came up. This led to countless hours of clicking through screenshots online, reading and drooling at the possibilities of a window manager that wasn’t explorer. A few days later I was handed a disc labeled “Gentoo” and a hefty manual. I had now idea what I was in for, literally, on my 500Mhz PIII, it took a day just to compile the dammed kernel. Something like ten tries later, after mashing unknown commands into a keyboard, hitting “Enter,” then waiting a year (or less I forget), I finally had a working GUI on my flickering CRT. KDE I recall was my first encounter (oddly I don’t think I’ve used it much since). Even after the blood and tears, my future was in stone. I was hooked. I wanted to become an expert in Linux.

I don’t know what it is about banging your head into a wall until something works but I certainly find it rewarding. Seven or so years later, here I am, sitting at my keyboard, Linux boxen humming away (well the ones that haven’t be virtualized) happy as can be. My Interest in technology hasn’t dimmed a bit, if anything it has only brightened, and just when I thought I knew everything. I enrolled myself back in school, it turns out there is so much more out there. Like Microsoft, how could I have forgotten about Windows? I don’t know, but I’m well on my way to becoming a professional in their realm.

I’ve come along ways and learned a lot but I keep finding out there is always something more to learn. Looking back it is hard to gauge where I’ve been, so I figured I’d start up this website and document my travels. What better time than during school, right?

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