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Privoxy is a great tool for cutting down on the amount of advertisements you see while browsing online as well as keeping your browser data in check Privoxy is known to enhance privacy, especially when combined with Tor. The usage of Tor is optional and is not a requirement of Privoxy but will greatly increase your privacy.

Install Privoxy and Tor

$ pacman -S privoxy
$ sudo vim /etc/privoxy/config

Read through the configuration and If you would like your web traffic routed through the Tor network, add this line. You do not need to edit this file if you are not planning on using Tor.

forward-socks5 / localhost:9050 .

Install Tor and review the configuration

$ sudo pacman -S tor
$ less /etc/tor/torrc

Set the environment variables to use the proxy

$ export http_proxy=
$ export https_proxy=

To always use these settings you can add them to ~/.bashrc

$ vim ~/.bashrc

Add these lines to the bottom of the file.

export http_proxy=
export https_proxy=

Start Privoxy and Tor

$ sudo systemctl start priovoxy
$ sudo systemctl start tor

Enable them at boot

$ sudo systemctl enable privoxy
$ sudo systemctl enable tor

Start up surf and see if it works. Typing in some random URL will generally trigger it.

$ surf

Privoxy Blocking

This method seems to work for Firefox and Chromium on my system, you may have to enter the proxy settings directly into the browser preferences to get it working. Feed back on this issue would be great.

Happy browsing!

For info on customizing the services see the man pages.

$ man tor
$ man privoxy

Tony is a system administrator from Seattle, WA. He specializes in secure, minimal, Linux installations.

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