Named Data Networks

Over the last couple of  years, usage of the Internet has changed significantly. Social media has revolutionized the way we interact with each other, and demand for data is at an all time high. These changes have presented new challenges for networking and several new ideas on fixing the problems associated have began to surface. “Named data networking or content-centric networking, is an alternative approach to the architecture of computer networks. Its founding principle is that a communication network should allow a user to focus on the data he or she needs, rather than having to reference a specific, physical location where that data is to be retrieved from.” Think BitTorrent style, data dissemination.

This new paradigm switches the way we think about networking and data all together. Putting control over QoS and trust back in the users hands,  one of the methods discussed is the publish/subscribe paradigm (pub/sub). “ has been proposed as a remedy to the problems facing the current Internet…” “In pub/sub networking, senders “publish” what they want to send and receivers “subscribe” to the publications that they want to receive. In principle, no one receives any material to which they have not explicitly expressed an interest by way of subscription.” Certainly sounds great, especially if you are as annoyed by spam e-mails as myself.

There is a lot to talk about and I am far from an expert so I’ll just let Van Jacobson explain in his lecture.

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